China at 6pc Growth

Sinology by Andy Rothman – Stepping Back From the Brink?


China at 6pc Growth is part of the path to a place called enough as opposed to more.


China’s growth is reducing because it is getting on top of its bad debts, moving from exports to domestic consumption, and feeling some effect from President Trumps measures.


It is a time for us to take the time to read the words of economists who do not speak in the language of ordinary people. But some of them do say important things about a very important subject.


I came across this article in Sinocism and thought it balanced. A balance that President Trump may not have around him in a USA that is all fired up to dislike the single Party  State of China. No matter it has outperformed everyone for 40 years and is likely to continue to manage something like that for the next 20 years. No matter that most of his predecessors have tried to take on China and walked away to other easier targets or domestic crisis.


Life is not easy for President Xi. Life is not easy for China. It has not been easy for the last 70 years. That they know that is one of their strengths. I recall the phase in corporate life when the bosses use to say – don’t bring me surprises! How dumb. Life is one constant surprise. China knows that and tries to get the trend lines and recoveries right by accepting their inevitability. That enables long term plans to be modified and achieved, even if it means extending their paths for many years.


One thing is constant – change.


The world’s biggest problem is debt and resistance to global growth. China is part of the solution and not the problem.


Know what you are dealing with is the key if you are a major nation. I recommend taking the time to read this one. John McDonell and Elizabeth Warren could do with reading this.




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