The Morning of Two Significant Events


This morning the world wakes to Brexit and to a Trade Deal between the USA and China.


These two will affect the worlds next stages of development but how is not clear. It is clear that the scale of Boris Johnson’s win leaves him more room for manoeuvre, but it is not clear what that will lead to. A continuing close relationship with Europe, or part of a continuing move by the USA to lead Europe’s political direction.


Partly that is not clear because the situation in the USA is yet to clear as to the ambitions of the USA to remain the sole superpower or to lead the West.


Brexit will affect Europe as its strength is the strength of all its members and the future role of the UK in Europe is yet to clarify. So Europe is very affected by this day.


All of the world is affected by the tension between the USA superpower and the rising scale of China. Today can be the beginning of a positive relationship between the USA and China, recognising each other’s strength and each other’s opportunities.   It could be a break in a continuing struggle.


Truth is no one really knows as we have a huge American election to take place at the end of next year, and till that is over the leaders of the next phase of the USA, and their philosophies, will not begin to clarify.


We all need to sift the inputs and our observations for many months to come.


I think there is a reality of American power, and Chinese developing power. How they relate may determine the future of Europe, the UK ( will Scotland remain), and the world.


Now our Government in the UK needs to be wise and take steps carefully. This can be a moment of great opportunity for a UK role. It is the best of times and the worst of times as Dickens said.





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