The Chinese Socialist System – managing the nation’s health

All western systems which provide some form of universal health coverage do so trying to manage tax receipts with the health expenditures. The cost of health is 18pc in the USA and rising and mainly based on insurance. The cost of health in the UK is below 10pc and mainly paid for through taxes.


There is a risk of health becoming a political football kicked around at election time. But the benefits are paid for by the people in most every case, either directly, through insurance, or indirectly, through taxes.


In China they are developing a insurance based system which does not involve taxes in the main. The middle classes will pay their own insurance and employees will be paid by their employers with employee contributions. The vulnerables’ insurance will be paid by the state and will come largely from dividends from soe’s.


China’s health is the result of many years of study of western models, and applying the results to China’s unique characteristics, of which there are many.


Here is an article that is a birds eye view of the role of insurance




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