The Virus outbreak

Below is something I took from Twitter where Bill Bishop had posted this.


It looks genuine to me. The meeting seems to include the Vice Premiers. So I would guess that this outbreak is being addressed by the Party and Government under one leadership – Xi.


Bill does not consider from the viewing perspective that this might not be how the Standing Committee meets as it is a combined meeting. But it is still possibly a historic meeting for showing them all and that Mme Sun, Vice Premier is shown as speaking as well as the Premier, Li Kechiang.


I note that President Xi is speaking without a script or even notes. This shows he is really on top of the subject himself. The tradition of personal note taking is still evident.


With Sars Wang Qishan and Mme Wu Yi, Vice Premiers then, took charge of the mission. We shall see who emerges this time as the operational leaders.


It is strange how this started with such a deadly core. We all will be thinking of our Chinese friends and wishing them success in an early containment of this. China is capable of managing this if anyone is.


For those of us who follow China this would be very interesting were it not such a sad moment.


I have copied from twitter so the bracket is what came with it. The tv shot is to be found by following the link or going to twitter to Bill Bishops account.




7 minute cctv evening news report on the politburo standing committee meeting about the virus outbreak when was the last time a news report included video from a standing committee meeting?

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