The Virus, China and the UK. Some advice from advice that is available

China has spent, so I understand, $100 billion on dealing with this outbreak. It is to fund the most massive people based approach to dealing an early blow to this new virus. Most nations are organising well. President Trump is finally coming round to realise the threat and has authorised $2.5 billion. This seems a very small amount compared to the Chinese even allowing for a smaller population.


The medical corps of nations armed services are going to have to be mobilised and large areas made available for large scale quarantine and treatment of those infected.


Some ask why if the numbers are small is there such a huge panic. After all flu does kill about 500,000 worldwide. The reason is that this has a potential scale of spread to take it to millions, literally millions with a 3pc mortality rate. So this could make the normal number small by comparison. The way to stop it is a vaccine which is being tested now in several countries. That might take until September and whilst the hope is this will enter remission with warmer weather in March/April until the autumn there is no certainty.


None of this is nice. But it is the lessons learnt from China. Take the tough action quickly and seriously.


Wash your hands often and throw tissues away in the toilet immediately.


So leave nothing to chance and schools will close as in China, even some offices, avoid trains they say and large scale gatherings and events.


The work between China and the UK is of great importance to save those who are older and the very young. If you are older, they say, and you become infected, get tested fast, and get quarantined. If you have been around someone infected get isolated.


We are lucky to learn from China’s misfortune and their immediate sharing of their experience.


China identified the sequence of the virus in a record breaking four weeks and shared it with the world. Some vaccine makers will profit from this. We will all benefit from the vaccine.


So when you sense people sneering at the Chinese or the Chinese flu. Tell them flu’s are global. And the Chinese have borne the brunt of all the first experience of dealing with it.


As I have said before smile and be friendly to Chinese and all Asians who might be suffering from thugs.


For China where it struck first, they spent a short time refining long laid plans, preparing the positioning of the troops of this medical emergency, and then announcing it combined with the actions and the requirements of the peoples participation.


It is too early to say China has contained this but it is said in some places in China. We hope they have been successful but we should not bank on it.


Europe and other continents are nowhere near so prepared and stocks of masks and so on are at low levels in the shops. The medical authorities linked by W.H.O. appear to be well prepared but stock markets and society is not ready for the huge disruption that may occur with schools and offices closing.


The world is not prepared. The world is now getting prepared alerted by China and our own leaders.


We have to make sure all medical supplies flow easily into the UK.


A challenging time for parents and those who have older relatives. Think what you will do if your children’s schools are closed and offices. The temptation is to go to crowded places and they are a source of danger. We need to look after and keep in contact with older people. Wash your hands.


Think of those suffering in China who will help us be safer.






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