Our world is turned upside down

Our world is turned upside down.
The virus reigns for a while, and despite shows of serious certainty, nothing is sure except attempts for damage limitation.
New global leadership is required and may surface . We need new ideas. Attacking China is counter productive. It might be a safer place with a quarter of the worlds population.
Is there a deal here? Can we put some parts of the West safely in China? Can China host without taking?
What am I thinking of? Live Football absent from our screens is a huge blow to hundreds of millions. Consumers will cancel their subscriptions and clubs will be impoverished, and players will lose as well.
So create a European mini league in China for four months or so. And broadcast from there?
Anything that can breathe in China and from China let it develop.
Let’s use China’s success and hope it stays.  American football, basketball etc.
The Tokyo olympics?
It needs to be measured in case China gets the virus again.
So start very soon with pilots .
We need to lift ourselves from blackness to see where opportunities lie.
Icebreaking again

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