Global Action on Corona Virus

We all know most Governments reacted at different speeds to the Virus – most slowly and most trying to use social distancing, isolation and quarantining in the absence of a vaccine in the next 12 months.
China and Siuth Korea have had the best early results and Germany as well.
The virus knows no borders and nations must cooperate to manage this.
Finally, the Saudis convened a G20 meeting to consider global action.
I was struck by Xi Jingjing’s call for an action based programme.
I would recommend reading this fully. Why? Because China has been fighting epidemics for 70 years, as part of a policy of constant readiness to deal with natural disasters.
President Xi unfolded his specific experience based ideas against the background of his global cooperation philosophy – Community of Shared Future. G20, SCO and BRI and the UN are China’s main focus together with ASEAN, India, Japan and South Korea. Africa and South America are both within the above.
Europe is ambivalent towards the USA and China but trending with the virus towards China.
We are thinking about the outcomes after the virus is contained. More on that later.
When you read this you realise how practical is the development path of China’s leaders:

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