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Many people may already have immunity to coronavirus, German study finds.
Lots of people may have been infected without knowing it and that means the lockdown could soon be lifted, scientists in Germany say.

By Justin Huggler
9 April 2020

Many more people may have been infected with the coronavirus and acquired immunity than previously thought, according to a groundbreaking study in Germany.

Scientists studying the town at the epicentre of Germany’s first major outbreak said they had found antibodies to the virus in people who had shown no symptoms and were not previously thought to have been infected.

Initial results released on Thursday suggest as many as 15 per cent of the town may already have immunity — three times as many as previous estimates.

The findings suggest the mortality rate for the virus in Germany is just 0.37 per cent — five times lower than current estimates.

“This means a gradual relaxation of the lockdown is now possible,” Prof Hendrik Streeck, the virologist leading the study told a press conference….

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