China and the West: Crossroads of Civilisation by Peter Nolan

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I am often heard to comment that the USA has never really understood China and that was before 1949. I am not sure the Europeans or the West , by any definition, understands China. I had a great introduction through my father, I read some of Dr Joseph Needham’s work, but it all came alight when I started reading Peter Nolan’s work. This book is so apposite to listen to or read. It is substantial, but there is no greater substantive issue in the world today.


The USA does not understand China is not going to be a part of anyone’s plans. They are happy to work with others, and their ideas but China has a very deep history, a deeply ingrained set of values, and a plan for the future.


They do not seek to be a superpower. They seek to be a returned leading nation, helping themselves and the people of the world get to a better place, but then that is Peter’s story.



China and the West: Crossroads of Civilisation

Peter Nolan

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Date: January 2020

Duration: 12 hours 47 minutes


Capitalist globalisation since the 1980s has produced immense benefits in terms of technical progress, poverty reduction and welfare improvement. However, it has been accompanied by profound contradictions, including ecological destruction, global warming, inequality, concentration of business power, and financial instability. Regulation of global political economy in the interests of the majority of the world’s population is essential if the human species is to avoid a Darwinian catastrophe. This book explores China’s rich history of regulating the market in the interests of the mass of the population. For over two thousand years the Chinese bureaucracy has sought pragmatically to find a Way in which to integrate the ‘invisible hand’ of market forces with the ‘visible hand’ of ethically guided government regulation. Instead of seeking confrontation with China, citizens and politicians in the West need to deepen their understanding of the contribution that China can make to globally sustainable development in the decades and centuries ahead.

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