Stephen Perry explains how China has and will change. Filmed over 10 years, he begins in 2003 foreseeing with remarkable accuracy the growing economic power of China and ending in 2014 with the need for business to understand Socialism with Chinese characteristics:

The first of 2 question and answer sessions by H E Liu Xiaoming Chinese Ambassador filmed at KPMG. The 3rd Plenum marks a move of by the Chinese government towards an opening up of the country and an opportunity for business in China:

H.E Liu Xiaoming Chinese Ambassador answers questions on the 3rd Plenum. (Part 2)

Stephen Perry being interviewed on BBC World News about China’s economy over the next 10 years and the potential for foreign business on 8th January 2014.

Stephen Perry discusses the potential course China’s evolution might take and how stakeholders in the West could be impacted depending on the strategic responses they choose.

Stephen Perry discusses the perceptions and attitudes that characterise the role played by Western corporations in China

Stephen Perry discusses the impact of new emerging classes within China, and the opportunity for foreign companies to innovate around new ways of accessing China’s growing domestic market.

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